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The 8Bit Co-Op is innovative new business coming to grow and support the community of Grants Pass, Oregon.

We are a collective of Gamers and Makers. We support all types of Gaming, and tons of different ways to create just about anything you can imagine. We also collaborate with local businesses and craftsman to foster support and growth in our community.

Our vast range of offerings are included in a low cost monthly or yearly membership.
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We strive to create an environment which is fun and inspiring. In order to do this at the absolute lowest cost possible, we offer memberships to our Co-Op. This allows our members to enjoy endless gaming along side the most modern technology by sharing the expense.

As a member you will enjoy our unlimited play retro arcade, console gaming areas, access to our modern maker workshop, as well as our large multi purpose area.

Are we missing something? We encourage our members to provide constant input to see how we can improve our Co-Op, and make it better for everyone. Let your voice shape our community.

There is always something happening at the 8Bit Co-Op, and we want you there with us! You wouldn’t mind having some fun along the way, right?

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Let’s Co-Op

The Co-Op in us stands for fostering partnerships and  working with local small business. With our collective knowledge and skill sets, let’s collaborate and create something together. We can also build a better community along the way.


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